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Our gloves are going to change virtual reality forever...

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Click play above to see VRgluv in action!

Click play above to see VRgluv in action!

Features & Technology

Force Feedback

VRgluv applies varying forces depending on object properties like stiffness, shape, and mechanical features

Static & Dynamic Forces

Manipulate hard and soft objects & feel the different forces on your hand. Program your own Force Feedback sensations for their own application using our API (coming soon).

More Than Just Vibration

VRgluv applies up to 5 lbs of varying force per finger to simulate the boundaries of virtual objects. Object size and shape are accurate every time.

Hand & Finger Tracking

VRgluv tracks your hands and fingers in real-time and displays a pair of virtual hands in your headset

Human-like Presence

Patented Finger Tracking Technology captures a total of 12 DoF for the fingers on each hand and sends tracking data to game engines in < 10ms, making for a natural hands-on experience.

No Calibration

VRgluv does not require a calibration procedure. Just put them on and our tracking algorithm will automatically adjust your virtual hands to match your real hands.

Wireless Design

Get complete freedom and control of your hands, just like you expect. VRgluv adds to the user experience without adding any hassle.

No External Hardware

VRgluv is all you need to use and feel your hands in virtual reality. There are no required cameras or external actuators to ruin your experience.

Extended Battery Life

VRgluv lasts up to 4 hours on a single battery charge. Batteries are replaceable so you can keep using VRgluv for long periods at a time.

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Who We Are

Chris Taylor, CEO

Georgia Institute of Technology

Derek Kearney, CTO


Steven Fullerton, CMO

Georgia Institute of Technology

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